Class of 2003 Student Leader Scholarship

Class of 2003 Student Leader Scholarship

Criteria: ($500 per year) The Class of 2003 Student Leader Scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who is ardently involved with campus activities. The applicant should provide a brief essay describing his or her involvement as a leader on the Worcester State University campus. Preference will be given, but not limited to, a student in his/her junior or senior level of study.

The Class of 2003 has earned the distinction of establishing the first scholarship for student leaders at Worcester State University. Recognizing the need to encourage and support student leaders, the Class of 2003 established a Student Leader Scholarship with a class gift of nearly $10,000.

Class President Monica Labbe noted, “Student leaders make tremendous contributions to campus life in a variety of ways. Although much of their work goes on ‘behind the scenes,’ they improve the college experience for many of their fellow students. They help organize events, represent students’ concerns to the administration, and serve as a link between students and the greater college community. We felt that these unsung heroes deserve special recognition.”

Although many scholarships support academic excellence, this scholarship is specifically designed to support students who are involved in campus activities and give of their time and energy to improve the college experience for classmates.

Thanks to the creativity and foresight of the Class of 2003, future generations of WSU student leaders will receive recognition and support for their hard work on behalf of their fellow students.