Class of 2011 Student Leader Scholarship

Class of 2011 Student Leader Scholarship

Criteria: ($400 Annual Award) The Class of 2011 Student Leader Scholarship shall be awarded to a sophomore, junior, or senior student who possesses a 2.5 GPA, demonstrates financial need, and is an avid student leader on the Worcester State University campus by holding a leadership position, including, but not limited to, being an elected class officer, a member of the student senate, a student club officer, or an academic club officer. The applicant should provide a 500-word essay describing his or her leadership experience at WSU. Preference will be given to a student who is employed during the academic year.

Through this scholarship, the 2011 class officers recognize the tremendous amount of effort and dedication it takes to become and remain an actively involved student leader at Worcester State University.

The class officers—President Ashley Bornstein, Vice President Elizabeth Bitar, Treasurer Julie Camerano, and Secretary Bethany (Fiske) Shea—understand that these students have to balance classes and jobs in addition to holding a leadership position in one of the student organizations.

“There may be student leaders who feel overwhelmed by all of their responsibilities, and this scholarship will give them the means and motivation to continue in their role,” Bitar explains. “The contribution they make to student life on campus is invaluable.”

This is the university’s third student-leader scholarship and is among a growing number of scholarships that support student leadership and involvement in campus life.