Dr. Joan Keller Juralewicz and Dr. Richard S. Juralewicz Scholarship

(One $1,000 award annually) The Dr. Joan Keller Juralewicz and Dr. Richard S. Juralewicz Scholarship will be awarded to a student majoring in education or business with preference given to (in no particular order):
A. Education students concentrating in reading;
B. Graduate Education students specializing in reading;
C. Business students in any concentration with a minor in psychology or who has an interest in applying behavioral science to management as evidenced by another academic concentration or minor.
Students must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and demonstrate a desire to work hard to get an education and achieve a high level of academic excellence.

The late Joan Keller Juralewicz and her husband, Richard, both share a belief that Worcester State University’s faculty and curriculum provide the profound knowledge and experience necessary for success in an individual’s career and life. The Dr. Joan Keller Juralewicz and Dr. Richard S. Juralewicz Scholarship will support students who work hard to get an education and achieve a high level of academic excellence.
The scholarship’s criteria reflects Joan’s belief that only the best students should be teachers, as well as Richard’s belief that managers must apply behavioral science to release the potential that lies within workers to achieve high performance in a competitive world.
Joan and Richard met, and later married, as members of the Worcester State community—Joan as associate dean of continuing education and Richard as chairman of the Department of Business Administration. Both recognized the importance of education.
Joan’s education started at Montclair University, a state college, where she received her undergraduate degree and teacher certification. She received a master’s degree from Seton Hall and a doctorate degree in education with a concentration in reading from Rutgers, becoming the only advanced degree holder in her family. Joan’s father was a career chief warrant officer in the U.S. Army, and her family moved around considerably.
Richard started as a five-year co-op student at the General Motors Institute and was employed by General Motors as an engineer, earning a master’s degree in management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He then changed career paths, earning a Ph.D. in the field of organizational behavior, also from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
He started his teaching career as a professor at the University of Minnesota and later became one of the founders of the business department at Worcester State University. He was the department’s first chairperson and served in the position for 14 years, establishing the internship program for business students. He consulted extensively for major corporations, the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center (Apollo Moon Program), and law enforcement, including the Massachusetts State Police.
After Joan’s tenure as associate dean, she became a faculty member in the Education Department. Joan was a wonderful professor of reading and the Education Department’s coordinator of the graduate program for reading. Joan authored more than 26 professional publications, presented at 14 professional conferences, consulted with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and received more than seven distinguished awards.
Joan passed away in March 2017. This scholarship is a wonderful tribute to a woman who helped bring the reading program to life and who helped so many students. The scholarship also honors Richard, who helped bring the business program to where it is today and mentored so many business students to succeed.
Both know the value of hard work combined with a quality education, such as that offered at Worcester State University. It is hoped this scholarship will assist the men and women who seek the profound knowledge that Worcester State University offers. The couple’s aspiration is that as the recipients achieve success, they will, in turn, help future students in the same way.