Nathaniel Mencow U.S. History Scholarship

Nathaniel Mencow U.S. History Scholarship

Criteria: (Amount Equal to One Full Annual Tuition Award) The Nathaniel Mencow U.S. History Scholarship will be awarded to full-time undergraduate student who is majoring in History with a concentration in United States history and demonstrates financial need. Candidates should provide a short essay attesting to their interest in U.S. history and need of this grant, and submit it with the scholarship application.

Through the Nathaniel Mencow U.S. History Scholarship Fund, this Worcester State double graduate’s love of history will transcend generations.

Nathaniel Mencow ’88, M.Ed. ’05, who passed away in May 2007 at age 89, began his undergraduate work in his late 60s, following a distinguished career in the Air Force and owning his own wholesale furniture business. His completion of his master’s degree in Education earned him kudos for being the WSU’s oldest degree recipient.

Mencow’s Air Force career began in 1941 when he enlisted for World War II. His missions included the “The Big Three” to Regensburg, Munster, and Schweinfurt, as well as air support for the allied landing on D-Day. In 1991, a documentary based on his B-17 plane, “Betty Boop – The Pistol Packin’ Mama,” was released. After WWII, he ran his own wholesale furniture business until 1982.

Known for his wit, life experiences, and joy of living, Mencow won so many prizes on WTAG’s “college of useless knowledge” that he was asked to stop calling. He brought that intense desire to learn and share his knowledge to Worcester State—and eventually to Worcester Public Schools.

At age 70, he received his bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications, cum laude, and began a new career as a substitute teacher at Sullivan Middle School. Not satisfied teaching on an as-needed basis, Mencow created, coordinated, and served as curator of a WWII museum at the school. He also was an adjunct professor of History at Worcester State.

Mencow’s family and friends have established this memorial scholarship to inspire future Worcester State history students to share his passion for life and knowledge.