Paul ’57, ’59 & Barbara ’71, ’73 Davis Scholarship

Paul ’57, ’59 & Barbara ’71, ’73 Davis Scholarship

Criteria: ($500 award) The Paul ’57, ’59 and Barbara ’71, ’73 Davis Scholarship will be awarded to a full-time undergraduate student, residing in Worcester County, with need. Candidates should provide a short essay attesting to the need for this scholarship and submit it with the scholarship application. It should be noted that this award will not be automatically renewed.

For Paul and Barbara Davis, the connection to Worcester State University runs deep. They earned their undergraduate degrees in education from here and both went on to earn their master’s degrees. In addition, both their children are alums—Bryan, Class of 1974, and Pamela, Class of 1977—and their daughter-in-law, Joan, Class of 1991. Barbara worked in the WSC Library for five years prior to a 25-year teaching career. Paul established the WSU Communications Department and taught at the University for 35 years before retiring as professor emeritus in 1992.

“We have a strong affiliation with Worcester State,” Barbara notes. “It has played an important role in shaping our lives and helping us achieve our goals of service to young people.”

“I have always been proud to be a graduate of Worcester State,” says Paul, who also, holds a doctor of education degree from the University of Massachusetts. “I have taken courses at colleges and universities in the Commonwealth and Connecticut, and I can say with assurance, that the undergraduate and graduate programs at Worcester State compare without equal. A Worcester State University education is outstanding.”

Their pride in their alma mater is linked to many memories. Paul recalls his role as consultant to the architects designing the lower level of the Learning Resource Center which houses the Communications Department, initially called the Audio-Visual Department. “The role of technology in the classroom was about to explode and I was fortunate to have input on the design of our classrooms, studios and curriculum,” he notes.

Paul and Barbara have been married more than 50 years and have two children and five grandchildren. Education is a family priority—both their children and son-in-law, Richard Bickford, are teachers. “We feel strongly about the importance of doing this” notes Barbara, “in order that others may have the same opportunities.”

Paul agrees. “Worcester State gave us so much, and we’ve decided that it’s right to give back in a significant way,” he says. “Our hope is that current and future generations of students will continue to have access to an education of excellence at Worcester State University.”